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None of that third person nonsense here! This is Neal Veglio writing a few words to thank you for visiting my humble home.

Three questions to ask you before you continue reading:

  1. Do you want to know more about how you can grow a podcast to deliver you actual real world results?
  2. Do you prefer to work with practitioners who take a holistic approach to your business goals, not just their own self-interest?
  3. Are you willing to invest today, so that you can enjoy massive opportunities tomorrow?

If you answered yes to all three questions, feel encouraged to read on. You’ve found your ideal podcast marketing solution!

What's this podcasting stuff then, and why does any business need a podcast in the web3 era?

Right, first of all, great news! 

You’re here reading this so that means you’re not one of those people who unquestioningly listen or read stuff from people who are duller than a month-old-dog poop telling you things like “podcasting’s peaked” or or “why bother because everyone has a podcast!”


Apple Podcasts logo

We’ve all seen those statements written by clueless business influencers sarcastically saying things like “everyone has a podcast” and offering terrible advice about not bothering to launch another. I have news for these morons. The directory of all podcast feeds, “The Podcast Index” currently counts fewer than five million podcasts total. And that’s not even narrowing it down to the actually active ones. Well I don’t know about you, but I think there are more than five million people living on the planet, yes?

Without wishing to get too technical, most of the people who post commentaries about the saturation of podcasting are what those of us who are actually in podcasting refer to as ‘know-nothing idiots who had to get jobs as influencers and bloggers because they weren’t good enough to work in actual marketing’. 

And these people tend to have jobs with titles like ‘head technology writer for The Verge’.

The only ‘The Verge’ you should ever take any notice of with more than a pinch of salt, is the one the podcasting industry is on.

The verge of becoming a 15 billion dollar global industry.

An industry that’s going to continue to be filled with your biggest (and even some of your smallest) competitors.

Now stop sniffling and getting mad. Get even! 

If you want to learn some real insight into podcasting and whether it’s the right marketing option for you and your business, do continue reading.

Something to clarify straight away - podcasting is not an easy way to overnight success

happy people using Podknows podcast services
Nawww look how happy these Podknows Podcasting podcast services users are! This could be you ya know!

Let’s get the awkward bit out of the way shall we? I’m definitely not going to sugar coat it for you.

Creating a regular and successful podcast is pretty bloody far from easy. In fact, podcasting can be an absolute pain in the arse.

Here’s why.

To get any kind of results from your podcast, you’re going to need to put the work in. And oh man… is it work!

If only it was as easy as those ‘podcast experts’ on Facebook and Instagram would love to have you believe it is, with their promises of “we will launch your podcast into the top 50 within 8 weeks”. 

I won’t bore you with the details around how those are fake listeners and won’t bring you any revenue whatsoever…. we can save that for a future call.

Here are some of the things you’ll immediately have to become if you start a podcast (and go it alone).

  • An audio editor (and engineer)
  • A marketing expert
  • An SEO expert
  • A publishing genius
  • A person with the positive mindset and calmness of a monk who’s been naughty and sneakily had some sex even though they weren’t supposed to
  • And if you want to get more immediate returns, a sales GOD

But if you’re willing to invest in the guidance of an actual expert who knows what they’re doing, and publish consistently decent content (not audio that sounds like it’s been recorded through an old sock published once a month) then the rewards are there to be had and we can get you there far more quickly.

We’re talking months, not years.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, with the promise of real, relevant, targeted listeners who will want to buy from you, then check out my packages here.

Alright! Alright! I get it! How do these branded podcasts of yours work then, Podknows?

We only wish we knew.

Just kidding.

We’re one of the very few podcasting agencies that actually know exactly what we’re doing.

And that is, not using clickfarms or scammy bot downloads to artificially lift your podcast’s ranking in the so-called podcast charts.

No, we do it the smarter way. 

The intentional way.

The less sexy way. 

But the guaranteed results way.

Podknows Podcasting achieves success for clients (and ourselves – we practice what we preach!) using a mix of vast audio content creation experience, next-level results-driven-and-proven content marketing, and some of the industry’s best (and exclusively priced) tools.

This is why we’re not the same price as the eager bunny you’ve met on Fiverr. We’re not going to get you the same shonky ‘nobody cares’ results as them.

In short, we use multiple levels of content creation and earned media, as well as leveraging targeted paid traffic. We know how to help you get your brand messages heard, and lift awareness of what you do, but in an engaging and entertaining way that uses minimal sales talk.

So, you want a branded podcast?...

No doubt you’ve checked all this stuff above, and you’ve decided you want a branded podcast for your own business.

Sadly, literally hundreds of thousands of other brands have also had the same idea.

And many of them will be in your target niche.

So you need the help of a highly experienced professional podcast consultant who can help you get above the noise, and have your brand’s messaging heard by the right people.

Podknows Podcasting is the UK’s leading podcast agency.

This isn’t based on opinion.

This is verifiable and based on results.

As founder I’ve been in the podcasting industry since before it had its name and therefore I know what works – and what doesn’t.

As an expert in the space, Podknows Podcasting and I will create, produce, distribute, and promote your podcast so that it reaches the right audience at the right time.

Hundreds of new podcasts launch every day. 

And although most of them aren’t very good, some of them are being set up by your competitors, in your industry or space.

Every single day that you’re not podcasting is another day that your competition have an opportunity to leave you behind and work with customers who should be working with you!

Click here right now to check out Podknows Podcasting’s packages.

Or if you’re looking for a podcast consultant, your first initial chat is free!


This graph shows how popular each podcast app is in terms of the numbers of people listening to them.

Apple Podcasts is the most popular app for listening. 

This means most of your potential listeners are likely to listen via Apple Podcasts. 

Spotify is a fast-growing competitor, but still has some way to come close. There are a lot of so-called podcast consultants who chat inane nonsense about ignoring Apple Podcasts because they don’t know how to leverage it with search optimisation. 

They wang on endlessly about Spotify because it’s easier to ‘chart’ in Spotify.

Why would you want to work with someone who doesn’t know how to reach your biggest potential audience?

Let’s help you avoid that. Book a chat with me in the calendar above.

*Data provided by Podknows Podcasting’s service partner Libsyn, the world’s leading podcast hosting company.

Libsyn hosts more than two thirds of all podcasts available for listening to today.

Podcast Platforms Market Share
Marketing Companies UK - Directory of UK Marketeers

Make 'the Podknows difference' to your business!

Amplify your communications.
Post powerful content that converts.
Transform your customers into lifelong 'fans'!


After all, any old content marketing agency can offer you podcasting services!

Yes, and if your end goal is to ‘put out content’ and ‘hope for the best’, then that’s great. 

Have at them!

But if you want real, measurable results from your podcast, you’re going to need someone who can offer a bit more.

Podknows Podcasting offers a range of high-end podcasting services for any ambitious forward thinking brands and organisation who want real results from their podcast.

It may seem like a bold claim.

After all, nobody can easily guarantee you an audience.

Many of the agencies and professionals offering podcasting services will stop short of promising to build you an audience.

But Podknows is all about accountability and results.

We don’t just help you create podcast content you can be proud of.

We help you find your ideal listeners.

In time, we’ll help you turn them into ideal customers.


Below you’ll see:

  • The number of hours of Neal Veglio and Podknows Podcasting produced content that’s been listened to across the lifetime of the many podcasts.
  • The total numbers of overall listeners consuming that content.
  • The number of lifetime podcasts launched by Neal Veglio and Podknows Podcasting.


Hours streamed


Lifetime Listeners


Shows launched

about us

I mean, every website has this ‘about us’ section, but honestly, who really cares? 

However, there’s a Deeper Dive link in the footer if you’re really curious about us and the results we deliver. And, if you want to get the unfiltered background on the people behind this business, then you can do that pretty easily with a LinkedIn search.

Type “Neal Veglio” and you’ll find out everything you need to know about our outspoken-but-largely-loveable founder.

We’re also planning on adding more ‘Podpeople’ to this site soon as we grow.

If, like us, you’re more interested in knowing how we can help you with elevating your brand through thought leadership and lead generation, then that we can do.

Podknows Podcasting’s professional podcasting services cover all aspects of your podcasting needs from launch strategy consulting, through to full turn-key podcast management solutions.

Podknows can really help your business by boosting opportunities within your digital marketing strategy!

Podcasts are already proven to have some of the highest conversion rates of any lead generation tool.

Sixty percent of listeners to podcasts will follow through on the host’s ‘call to action’, or CTA. 

Most small businesses make the same common mistakes when deciding to podcast. They listen to podcasts from other people, search for “cheap usb microphone”, order one, plug it in, and then start recording some audio files.

Would you like it if that carefree approach was taken to producing your actual products or services? 

No, right? 

So why would you take it with your podcast?

Make sure you maximise your chances of success by working with Podknows and taking advantage of #thepodknowsdifference with premium level podcast services.

Podknows Podcasting Network

The following podcasts are part of the Podknows Podcasting Network – enjoying additional benefits such as advanced level editing, higher production value and further marketing assistance and consultancy.

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Independent customers using individual Podknows services.

Who we work with

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Podknows Podcasting's podcast consultant FAQs

Got a question? You're not alone.
Many of our current Podknowsers who are now satisfied customers started out their podcasting journey with us by asking LOTS of questions!
Hopefully you'll learn the answers you're looking for in the below commonly asked ones.
If you don't, reach out and ask! Just click 'contact' above!

Imagine a personal trainer, but for your voice and brand. That’s me.

I’m the guy who dives headfirst into your podcast or podcast idea, fishing out the gold and ditching the junk.

We’re not just talking about which microphone to buy – that’s kid stuff.

I’m here to help you unearth the very soul of your podcast, ensuring each episode isn’t just heard but is actually felt.

It’s about creating soundscapes that give eargasms and content that gets your ideal listener coming back for more.

And as for promotion? Let’s just say I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to make sure you’re not just whispering into the void. So, if you want a podcast that’s more rock star than garage band, give me a shout!

If you want to learn more about podcast coaches and how to pick the right one, do read this article here which goes into far more detail!

Now, I could dance around the issue, like every other podcast consultant out there, but you and I, we’re straight-shooters ain’t we?

So here’s the lowdown: fees?

They’re as varied as the podcasts you hear.

Some consultants might charge you the price of a posh cup of coffee, while others… well, let’s just say they’ve got champagne tastes. But remember: you’re not just paying for advice; you’re investing in the future of your podcast.

To give you a solid idea of what our founder Neal Veglio charges for consulting, it can vary between £150 for a podcast audit, and £1000 for a full on corporate strategy session including presenter training.

It’s a valid question. Why would you invest in a podcast consultant if you’re not going to see any return on your investment? Well, if it reassures you, we absolutely guarantee that if you work with us and follow our steps and guidance, you’ve got the most chance of making money from your podcast than you have working with anyone else.

This is because we’re using legitimate audience building methods that mean you’re getting real listeners, not fake bots, which other podcast services rely on.

And real listeners are more likely to buy from you! 

With our unique listener targeting strategies, we ensure you’re being discovered by them.

Oh big question. You went there. We like that.

And we really wish we could give you a definitive answer, but it depends on a lot of variables.

And some of the determining factors that contribute to the cost of your podcast production are what the goals are, the time frames of those goals, how serious you are about using podcasting as a genuine revenue generating tool, and therefore how much you’re willing to invest in leveraging it.

Here’s an article we hope you find useful that explains pricing variables a little more.